my latest obsession: giving the florals from all of your meaningful moments a second life! let's turn your flowers into something you can love forever.

all of my resin products are handmade; mixed and poured in small batches right here in baltimore, maryland! 

currently, i am only accepting local orders that allow for floral drop-off in the dmv area. at this time, I am not accepting orders that require florals are shipped to me. I am, however, happy to ship your final creations anywhere in the U.S. for an additional fee, if you prefer to have them delivered elsewhere.


bespoke floral preservation

more to inspire

ready to get started?


flowers from your special day
preserved & repurposed 
for you to cherish
in a meaningful new way

vanity tray

large display

with handles
approx. 10.5 x 7 in.

no handles 
11.8 x 7.9 in.




square block

square or round
set of 4 / 4 in. wide

5x5 in. wide
approx. 2 in. thick



* add-on items are not currently available for individual sale. they must be coupled with another item in order to purchase.

key chain

add-on only
approx. 3 in.


bud vase

book ends

approx. 7 in.

set of 2 / 5x5 in. wide
approx. 2 in. thick




add-on only
approx. 2.5 in.


ring dish


heart shaped/ceramic
approx. 5x5 in wide

set of 2 (round)
 4 in. wide / 1 in. thick




arch display

5.75 x 7.9 in. tall
approx. 2 in. thick