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below you'll find a list of my most popular/ best-selling items for weddings and events

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of my services and offerings. If you have a more custom request, we can absolutely discuss further, but really this page is meant to help you get a better idea of where my pricing for popular items starts, so that you can start building you budget and thinking about must-have items. Pricing is subject to change based on availability and cost of materials at any given time. When you're ready to lock in your vendors and officially book with me, I will send a more detailed breakdown of pricing for your items specifically based on your style and preferences. 

All of my welcome signs, whether wood or acrylic, start at $95. The standard size for welcome signs is 18x24" and pricing is for that size, although I am able to custom cut different sizes, if needed, and pricing will go up to reflect that. The cost of material is included in final pricing, however, if you need an easel for your venue or display, that is not included. 

Seating chart pricing is dependent on the size and number of guests at your event. I do not rent mirrors or materials, so clients will provide the surface, if that's what you'd like. Seating chart pricing starts at a flat $85 design fee plus $1.50 per name. If you do not provide a mirror or material, I am able to put seating charts on wood or acrylic and the pricing is the same as above, plus cost of material (depending on size).

Directional signage lets your guests know what to do next! Whether it's signing a guestbook, cards/gift table sign, or signs for a photobooth, pricing will all depend on sizing and level of detail we'll include. Most commonly, directional signage is approx. 11x14" and starts at $55/sign. If a base is needed, I provide small wood stands for acrylic signage only. (as pictured above)

Sizing for bar signs will range depending on how large your bar is or what look you're going for. Typically I find an 8x10 or 11x14 size works nicely to have sitting on top of the bar. Pricing starts at $55 for 8x10" and $65 for 11x14"

Table numbers can be done in lots of different styles and colors so there are many different factors that will go into final pricing. Stands are included for all table numbers, so they will be self-standing on your table! Most table numbers are $10-15 each (~$150 for 10 tables total)

There are also thousands of different options and combinations for envelopes and escort cards so they match your day and vision seamlessly. This will be reflected in pricing, but basic black ink on white cardstock cards start at $2.50 per escort or place card and envelope addressing start at $5 per envelope. Acrylic place settings start at $6 each. standard sizing for paper or acrylic escort cards is 4x2".

so let's get down to it 

First and foremost, thank you so much for considering me to be a small part of your special day! I know you have so many incredible options when it comes to local creatives, so I truly appreciate your inquiry and taking the time to consider me and my work! It really does mean the world.

seating charts

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addressing envelopes

if you'd like additional information or estimates on something you don't see listed here, please feel free to send a custom inquiry and let's figure it out together!


Seating charts

Welcome signs


table numbers


menu/bar signs

escort/place cards and envelopes

Couldn't find what you're looking for? I offer more seasonal items and print-on-demand options at partner retailers, too!